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TravelSafe Immunization Clinic will be be at the Vancouver International Travel EXPO!

Stop by booth #509 and learn how we can prepare you for your next vacation!

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Planning to visit South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines), India, Nepal and Central America? 

Visit TravelSafeTM Immunization Clinic for a pre-travel consultation and get immunized to protect your health.

TravelSafeTM will address all your travel needs in one visit. 

We will consult with you about the details of your trip and provide the appropriate vaccines and prescriptions. 


Call 604.251.1975 or email us at or book online.

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We provide all your pre-travel needs:

  • Informative consultations with our experienced registered nurses and doctor

  • Vaccinations administered on site

  • Yellow Fever vaccine designated site

  • High quality travel supplies available for sale

  • Travel prescriptions arranged for pick up within 24 hours

Planning a trip?

Before you travel, book an appointment with the TravelSafe Immunization Clinic. We are here to help you have a safe, healthy and enjoyable travel experience.

Our highly trained professionals will provide you with up to date health recommendations so that you can fully enjoy the wonders of your destination with peace of mind.

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Tuberculosis Skin Testing

We will prepare you for the next step in your career!

Congratulations! It's exciting to be starting a new job or school program.  If you are required to have TB skin testing and vaccinations (shots) before you start work or school - We can help!


Where do I get my TB skin test and shots?

Call us to make an appointment: 604 251-1975.

We are located in Pharmasave Kitsilano at the corner of West Broadway and Bayswater and in the Pharmasave on East Hastings and Garden.

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Pertussis - have you received your booster?

By Penny Gleave (RN, BScN)


“Lower vaccination uptake rates, missed booster doses and waning immunity contribute to clusters of pertussis outbreaks in Canada and in international destinations.”

Pertussis or whooping cough is a respiratory infection that is easily spread through coughing and sneezing.  This disease can be contracted by inhaling nose and throat droplets from those who are infected.  The persistent cough can last up to 10 weeks.  Infected people can pass on this highly contagious bacteria not knowing they are infected.

To diagnose pertussis, a throat swab and clinic assessment must be performed.  Your health care provider will also consider your possible exposure to an infected person and will review your signs and symptoms.  This highly contagious disease has been found in 10-20% of adults and adolescents with a cough illness lasting seven or more days without improvement.

According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, cyclical peaks occur every 3-5 years.  Since 2012, pertussis incidence in BC has continued an increasing trend in Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health Authorities, Vancouver Island Health Authority and the Northern Health Authority regions of BC.

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Before you travel, protect your health.

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