Tuberculosis Skin Testing


Congratulations on your acceptance into your school program!

You are required to receive certain vaccinations and TB Skin Testing in preparation for your program, and we want to make this process as easy as possible for you! 

Vaccinations are important for your new career to protect yourself and your future clients from contracting certain diseases that can be present in British Columbia.

We can prepare you for the next step in your career!


It’s a simple process. Call to book your appointment today!

We will:

  • review your immunization history
  • provide Tb Skin Testing
  • administer the required vaccines for your school program or employment
  • initiate blood work requisitions when needed
  • complete immunization paperwork

Tb skin testing requires two appointments. 

You will need to book TWO appointments (48-72 hours apart) with one of our experienced Registered Nurses.  Our Registered Nurse will:

  • assess your immunization history,
  • administer vaccines and TB Skin Testing
  • complete your paperwork
  • arrange lab work if needed

  When are the clinics?

We have two locations for your convenience.  Avoid lengthy appointment waiting times and call us at 604. 251-1975. 

Located in PHARMASAVE at
101—2280 East Hastings Street,Vancouver, BC
and 2957 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

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What should I bring to my appointment?

  • immunization history (if you have a record)
  • a list of medications you may be taking
  • Your proof of vaccination paperwork
  • VISA, MC or Direct Debit card
Tb skin test only $45.00
School prep consultation* $25.00

*MSP vaccines and administration, vaccine history review, lab requisitions, paperwork completion.  Vaccines required by your employer or school not covered by MSP are extra, eg. TdaP (tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis), hepatitis A.



Download and print your Client Intake Form and complete all sections on page one (front) EXCEPT ‘Immunization History’ – leave this to us!  

Download Client Intake Form here


It’s a simple process.

Call to book your appointment today. or click here to book online.


Tuberculosis Skin Testing – What you need to know!



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